The Boac Hotel: Relaxing Comfort Like Home

If you have watched the March 22 episode of “Biyahe Ni Drew” (a GMA News TV travel show hosted by Drew Arellano), you might have been delighted with the things and places they have featured about Marinduque.

Drew explored various destinations in the province including Tres Reyes Islands, Poctoy Beach, Isla del Carmen ecopark, Ka-Amon Cave, and Kusina sa Plaza. The show also highlighted the Moriones Festival, the event that puts Marinduque on the annual Philippine festivals calendar.

The good thing about “Biyahe ni Drew” is it’s goal of letting travel enthusiasts around the country (and even those outside) of the most affordable travel deals in each destination they feature. From accommodations to dining to activities to transportation fares, this show informs their viewers that traveling on a budget is F-U-N!

And in their Marinduque special, Drew and the staff stayed at The Boac Hotel. It’s the green establishment across the Boac Cathedral. The hotel interior gives a homey ambiance with a thing or two to fascinate you.

The family room costs P2,000 per night; room for two costs P1,000; room for one costs P500. Not bad for a comfortable accommodation, right?

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